Student Profile

Antoine Robinson ’24

Antoine Robinson is early in his Prep journey but already feels incredibly connected. Although only in the first weeks of his sophomore year, Robinson has been coming to the Prep for years (he attended pre-7th and pre-8th Program) and is comfortable at 17th and Girard. That plus the opportunities the school has already provided makes him excited to continue along the path.

“The people I have met here and the activities that I have joined have made it such a great experience,” says Robinson, a native of West Philadelphia who has been involved in many activities in his short time at the Prep: Forensics Speech and Debate, the Cooking Club, the Aerospace Club, the German-American Exchange Program, JSA, Model UN, Prep Republicans, and the Hawkeye Newspaper. “In middle school, you don’t have as many options. I love that about the Prep.”

It is in those people, his classmates, other students, and the adults who teach and serve at the school where Robinson gets the most joy. “Everyone at the Prep has a goal to be successful and to initiate change in the world,” he says. “There are people who come to the Prep from all around: city, suburbs, New Jersey. There are people there who I would never have met otherwise.”

Robinson comes from Waldron Mercy Academy, one of the strong feeder schools to the Prep. Even though he was well prepared, he has faced challenges academically and is grateful for them. “I have been challenged and am able to work through it and overcome them but I’m still learning,” he says.

Service has been another important part of Robinson’s Prep journey. Despite being exposed to opportunities at Waldron, he still is excited about the chance to serve others. “We did a lot of service at Waldron but nothing like we do here at the Prep,” he says. “I love being around other students and faculty who are working to make change in the world.”