Parent Profile

Todd and Abby Peterson P ’21, ’23, ’25

Parents of Tyler ’21, Davis ’23, and Colin ’25

Like many people, Todd and Abby Peterson found the Prep through the high school search process when their oldest son Tyler was looking for the next step on his sacred journey. The Petersons wanted something different from the traditional schools in their neighborhood and exposure to the Prep and its alumni convinced them to send him to 17th and Girard. Now, Tyler has graduated (studying at Holy Cross) and their sons Davis and Colin are students, creating quite a legacy.

“We were intrigued by the Prep because of its Jesuit values, academic reputation, and city location, but we didn’t know much more about the school,” the Petersons said. “What sparked our interest most, though, was the enthusiasm of our son’s club lacrosse coach, a recent Prep graduate and avid supporter. He organized a shadow day for our son, took him to a Prep lacrosse game, and introduced him to some other Prep graduates. The more Prep people we met, the more impressed we were with the passion they had for their Prep experience and how impactful it had been in their lives.”

With three sons attending the Prep, they have gotten to know so many aspects of school. “While each had his own experiences, one thing they all shared was immediate camaraderie with their sports teammates, which facilitated their social transition into a new school,” Todd says. “All three of our boys have either had or are having a wonderful experience at the Prep, so in that regard the experience has certainly measured up to our expectations. We are also impressed with many of the faculty and administrators. But, as parents who each attended public high schools ourselves, one thing that has surprised us and exceeded our expectations is the degree to which a single-sex Jesuit education has been a positive experience for our boys.” 

As parents, the Petersons also found a home. “In the beginning, we really appreciate the opportunity to know other parents, who started as carpool partners and have grown to become great friends,” says Abby.“Through volunteering at various Mothers’ Club events, I got to know an even wider circle of Prep parents, and our involvement with the Villiger Executive Council has allowed us to meet still more.”

The Petersons offer their financial support to the Prep to keep the school’s mission alive so that young men like their sons can continue to experience the unique education that St. Joseph’s Prep provides.

“We strongly believe that financial aid to students is critical to the Prep’s mission,” they say. “We are also aware that education is constantly evolving, and schools need to invest in their campuses to adapt and remain relevant, especially when students in the Philadelphia area have so many options for high school available to them.”